Charles Mossop


Available from MuseItUp Publishing in

June 2011


Following the murder of his friend, Michael Stuart, Dr. George Randall, an eminent professor of History finds himself caught up in a dangerous race to uncover the killer’s identity and find the solution to an eight-hundred-year-old mystery surrounding the disappearance of a priceless archaeological treasure. The key to the mystery lies hidden within the illuminated pages of  a thirteenth-century manuscript, and Randall must find that manuscript before the killer does. His search takes him from England to Italy, Austria and Germany as he painstakingly traces the history of the manuscript from its creation on through the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to the final, apocalyptic months of the Second World War. Attempts are made on his life and the life of his daughter as he makes use of all his wits and research skills  to stay a step ahead of a ruthless killer determined to keep the secret for himself. Read Excerpts


The Devil At My Heels is Charles’s second novel. His first, entitled Jade Hunter, was published in 2007 by Double Dragon Publishing. Follow the link to find out more and read the Prologue and Chapter One.


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